Explain Orangetheory Fitness to me

Every Orangetheory Class is a one hour group exercise fitness experience that is open to ladies only in Kuwait. Each session includes different workouts including cardio and strength training, and every single day the workout is completely different. 

What makes Orangetheory unique is that before your first class, you’re given one of our OTBeat™ heart-rate monitors to wear throughout your workout. Throughout each class, your data will be displayed on screens around the workout room, which will show you how many calories you’ve already burned, and which heart rate zone you’re currently in. This real-time feedback will help you pace and track your workout, whilst allowing our coaches to give you individually tailored guidance.


Our workouts are based on heart rate zones, during the workout you will aim to stay in three zones, the green, orange and red zones. Green is supposed to be challenging but doable, orange should feel somewhat uncomfortable and the red zone is ALL OUT effort. Because everyone’s body is different, the boundaries of your heart rate zones will be unique, meaning that they will only apply to you!


Approximately half of each class is focused on cardio, which includes intervals on our custom Orangetheory treadmills and WaterRowers. When you’re on the treadmill, your coach will cue you through intervals, calling out speed recommendations for runners and joggers, and incline options if you opt to power walk, instead. We always have alternative cardio machines if treadmills aren’t suitable for you, bikes and striders are available.

The second half of class focuses on strength training. Each workout is completely different and can include weight training, body weight exercises, ab rollers, bosu balls and more. Your coach will take you through each workout, ensuring you have the correct form and also help you select the suitable weight for each exercise.