Hear from our Community

” Before Orangetheory, I used to exercise twice a week. I like everything about Orangetheory – the classes are fun and programs are well organized, the front desk staff are friendly and always smiling, the variety of the exercises and enthusiasm in the classes, and the inspiring coaches who are good role models…”

Ladies only Group Exercise Orangetheory Fitness Kuwait

Every month we highlight the progress of one of the members of our community, this month we sat down with Amira Zein, a thirty something Office Manager who used to work out twice a week before joining Orangetheory Fitness.

We asked Amira what she likes most about Orangetheory Fitness:

“I like EVERYTHING. The classes are fun, the music is great, the receptionists are friendly and always smiling. The coaches are fresh and always positive, they are encouraging and I think of them like role-models.”

Our members see some great improvements in their day-to-day lives, so we asked Amira what benefits she has seen from training with Orangetheory Fitness:

“Training with Orangetheory Fitness has majorly improved my life, I am more positive, more active, I sleep better and get sick a lot less, I feel more fresh and full of energy. Before OTF, I was lazy and sick most of the time because I was overweight. I have developed the ability to run and move quickly. Orangetheory has made me feel lighter, and more confident to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time! “