What is OTBeat?

Enhancing your workout starts with OTconnect™, our interactive technology that delivers your heart rate data and performance metrics in real-time. From the moment you step on a treadmill, your OTbeat™ wearable device will seamlessly connect. Your workout, your stats are all right in front of you.

OTBeat Technology

Our OTbeat heart rate monitors help you scale the workout to your unique fitness level as you work through our heart rate zones. The data also lets you and your coach know when you should push a little harder or scale back and recover.

All of our OTbeat products deliver the heart rate data you’ll need, but some features and functionalities simply come down to your personal preferences.

How to use OTBeat?

Check out this awesome video that will give you some handy hints and advice on how to wear and use the OTBeat wearable tech.